August 10, 2022

College Football Bets of the Day

Maryland covers +16.5 at home against West Virginia
Air Force covers +8 at home against TCU

Overall Record:

NFL 19-6-2
College Football: 13-13
MLB 1-0
College Basketball 48-37-2
NBA 6-4


  1. this is too funny StoneCold…

    I Love West Va -16 to TCU -8
    I love it soooo much I want to marry it.

  2. angelhipster says

    I am so confused. Bruins says one thing and StoneCold says another. Damn you guys, I thought had my bets for tonight, now I gotta look this all over again.

  3. BTW: if you want real winners call me at 1-800-5STARBRUINS and I will give you this weekends 5 Star locks!!!

    here is just a sample:

    USC -10
    Arkansas 3
    Texas -18.5
    Michigan -7.5

  4. angelhipster says

    And just by chance if you are looking for a hairy shemale with six nipples you can also call 1-800-5STARBRUINS. Bruins is a full service agency.

  5. I like most of the ones you reference as locks Bruins1. I wouldn’t be able to touch Michigan if I had a gun to my head though.

    Sorry for the confusion angelhipster – great to have your comments.

    I look forward seeing who has the skillz to pay da billz in the wagering world in the coming weeks. 🙂

  6. I also won my bet that Greg Oden would turn out to be Sam Bowie

  7. Wow – now that was just dirty. Who did you bet that with?

  8. The Seattle Supersonics bookie

  9. ROFL! You’re a mess.

    Bless Oden’s heart for getting the Bowie jinx.

  10. angelhipster says

    I bet my mortgage payment on Maryland StoneCold!! Now what do I do. *tear*. I spent my last dollars on that bet and calling 1-800-5STARBRUINS for a hairy shemale. He was amazing, I totally recommend the service. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. I highly recommend not betting the mortgage payment ever. 😉

  12. OMG.. that Air Force game was an absolute joke. TCU literally kicked their ass and lost in OT. 2 TO’s in the End Zone, another inside the 5 and a missed 22yd FG. with 8 mins left in the 4th they outgained AF for the second half 188 to 32.. then on a 3rd and forever Af throws a pass, yes a pass from AF which had only 1 reception in the 1st half, and the TCU defender goes for the INT and off to the races goes the AF TE to the 10 and next play TD.. Now down 7 Af has a 4th and 1 at their OWN 29 and runs in a 71 yd TD. This game makes you never want to wager again….serenity now…

  13. Air Force rules!