November 29, 2023

Chad Johnson’s First TD Gimmick

Chad Johnson wearing Hall of Fame jacket

Chad Johnson has promised to ‘bring his sexy back’ this year and he had an opporunity early on in the Monday Night Football game against the Ravens last night to strut his stuff. Carson Palmer threw a 39-yard bomb to Ocho Cinco leading to CJ walking to the sidelines and puttin on a coat that mimics the ones Hall of Famers wear. I love Johnson’s antics, but I thought with all the hype this was a bit of a let down. Agree?


  1. I am not a fan of TD Dances except if it is done by Billy White Shoes Johnson. Other than that there was more hype on this fools TD dance made by the media than the game itself. AND it was stupid. Can someone please tell me where it went from handing the ball to the ref and celebrating with the guys who made the play happen to having the player who scored run from the end zone while having all ESPN cameras following him to pull out a sport coat and thinking it was cool? And in the post game interview mentioning to the world that his next Sat Nite Live skit in Cleveland this Sunday will be better.

    Hey Chad… nice teefes. You look like that guy in that Bond film 25 years ago. Play ball and let your numbers get you to the Hall. Watch some film of a real HOF’er named Barry Sanders and come back and tell me if he ever did a dance after crossing the end lines 100 times as many as you have.

  2. Also one more name who doesn’t need a fake coat cuz he is getting a real one 5 years after his last play… Marvin Harrison. To my recolection he doesnt do anything but beat his man 15 years his younger all day and hand the ball to the Ref.

  3. I love touchdown celebrations if they are done properly and Chad’s are normally in good taste. He never really does anything to show up the other team and he brings a nice flair to the game. This one didn’t live up to the hype though and I hope his next one is better.

  4. Chad Ocho Cinco is a stud