October 15, 2021

BS Belichick

Bill Belichick and New England Patriots cheat

Can we change the first name of the New England Patriots coach from Bill to BS? Late yesterday it was proven the Patriots were stealing signals from the New York Jets in an old fashioned butt whoopin. I’m sure these things happen every Sunday, but this is the very first time a NFL team has been caught. Do you think Belichick was remorseful at all today during his first opportunity to respond to the public? Hell no! That no personality, hobo looking, egostistical jabroni wouldn’t apologize specifically about anything other than distracting his team. He beat around the bush by submitting a printed apology minutes before he ducked and dodged questions in a press conference before finally walking out due to the pressure. What a crock of sh$t! You are still a dominant team without a spy and you wouldn’t be the weasel you are if for once you checked your HUGE ego at the door. I hope Goodell throws the book at you for being such a coward you couldn’t even address the situation your team will be penalized for in the coming days!!!



  1. if you aint cheatin’ you aint tryin’.

    C’mon…you mean to tell me other teams arent doing something which could provide an advantage later on? Stealing signs in baseball.. is that cheating or is it just part of the game?

    I say do it till you get caught and they got caught .. they will find a new way to grab that advantage.

  2. I implore you to read the post again and what I’m ranting about Bruins1…..I state clearly “I’m sure these things happen every Sunday.” This post is about how POORLY BS Belichick handled the whole situation!

    If you are backing him up then I’m not really sure what to say my friend.

  3. No I am not backing Belichick.. I am agreeing with you on your stance, but how are you supposed to handle eating crow? What are the ways you are to handle getting caught? How many times have you ever heard of a criminal confess when arrested?

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