October 19, 2021

Brand that Beeotch

Mark Ecko

Last week we discussed Bonds record breaking home run ball and the fact billionaire clothing mogul Mark Ecko was giving the public an opportunity to decide the fate of the ball. We voted to launch the ball into space, but after 10 million votes were tabulated it has been determined the most famous baseball in the world will be branded with an asterick instead. We are comfortable with the public’s decision, but we still think it would have been cool to send it into orbit.

The Baseball Hall of Fame has announced they will accept the ball with an asterick after initially indicating they wouldn’t accept a marked up ball.


  1. this is stupid. give the damn thing to the HOF and quit being a selfserving SOB. This is not about you it is about the fans of baseball.. the real fans not the ones like those who clapped loudly when Bob Ley of ESPN asked the audience at the Mike Vick town hall if they thought dogfighting should NOT be a crime.
    A sick world

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