November 28, 2021


Question mark

Do you know who is on pace to strike out more batters than any AL pitcher has since 2000 when Pedro mowed down 284? It is no other than Erik Bedard! What do you mean you don’t know Bedard? He is the ace of the Baltimore Orioles and…..oh wait I guess that says it all.


  1. Here is a What What

    Bobby Jenks worked a scoreless ninth inning, but allowed his first batter to reach base since Cleveland’s Ryan Garko, who had a home run at Cleveland on July 17. Jenks tied Jim Barr’s mark of 41 for San Francisco in 1972 last Sunday. Whay is this important.. well it isnt except for the fact that Jim Barr is the Pitching Coach at Sacramento State and my brother is the Coach.

  2. Now that was deep Bruins1. Are you thinking of writing a book “Six Degrees of Separation of Don Barbara” 😉

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