October 15, 2021

Webb Getting Closer

Brandon Webb reaches 42 straight scoreless innings

Brandon Webb pitched his third straight complete game shutout today and his scoreless innings streak has reached 42. He has 18 more innings to go if he wants to break the record of 59 innings set by Orel Hershiser. Webb is definitely one of the key reasons the Arizona Diamondbacks lead the NL West.


  1. pretty impressive but he will not get close to the Bulldog record. Go Orel! Go Dodgers! Long Live Tommy Lasorda.

  2. You are probably right Bruins1, but the streak is impressive regardless of whether he will reach Hershisher’s record. I am a big fan of the ‘Bulldog’ and would like to see him keep the record.

  3. Everyone loves a little orel.

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