September 19, 2021

Rodney “Juice” Harrison

Rodney Harrison

Rumors are rampant that safety Rodney Harrison of the New England Patriots will be suspended by the NFL for four games due to his admitted use of HGH. This is very surprising on one hand because the Patriots have one of the cleanest organizations in profressional sports, but unfortunately steroids are everywhere and we will continue to be slapped in the face with this reality.



  1. Well how do you prop or not prop a guy who came out and said he did what he did.. albeit after the NFL was to inform the sports world the next day.. NO excuses, NO I didnt read the label, and NO those dogs weren’t mine. Rodney is a mans man and using HGH is wrong, but we all know in the NFL from snap one on the first game of the season your body is toast. Does HGH enhance your ability? I dont know, does it allow you to come back quicker when you have an injury? Absolutely and this is what the Hammer was trying to do. Yes there are others using and will get caught eventually, but is taking HGH so wrong? Is it a Steroid? NO .. so the NFL must look into and I mean really look into what is enhancing and what is a recovery drug. If they dont they will dealing with the Jim Otto’s of the world forever.

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