October 15, 2021

Michael Vick Pleads Guilty

Michael Vick pleads guilty

Vick finally ended the suspicion of whether he was involved in the dogfighting ring today by pleading guilty. He will walk into a Federal courthouse next Monday and make it official. The fallout for Vick will be huge in respect to the sentence he receives for prison, the inevitable suspension from the NFL and what steps the Falcons might take to collect previously paid money. I do want to point out that Michael pleading guilty might be the smartest move he has made in quite some time. Don’t forget to take a peek at our Michael Vick page.


  1. What a complete buffoon.
    Waiting to plea after all his posse saved their own asses. After his Boyz crossed the urban African American gray line of ‘Stop Snitchin’and rolled over faster than a a hungry dog.. I know that was bad.. he decided to come clean. Well he has lost his job, money, freedom and soon his man-virginity. This is the guy who counceled his brother after Marcus had a few run ins. Hey Mike.. Johnny Cochran is dead and guess what you didnt kill whitey… you killed a dog and sometimes.. and I hate to say it.. means more to people in this screwed up world than humans because almost everyone has had a pet and all they can see is little Fido playing with them when they were kids.
    have a nice life Mike!

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