October 15, 2021

33 and Counting

Brandon Webb 33 scoreless innings

Brandon Webb went out for the second time in a row and pitched a complete-game shutout for the Arizona Diamondbacks. Webb the ace of the first place Diamondbacks extended his streak of scoreless innings to 33 with the shutout against the Nationals. The reigning Cy Young award winner still has a long ways to go though to catch the 59 scoreless innings record set by Orel Hershiser.



  1. Dont forget about my country bumpkin Bobby Jenks who has quietly dispersed of 41 straight batters.. Not a bad feat considering you come in to pitch every other day or so and sometimes with men on so ytou dont really know if you going in with the game on the line or not.

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more Bruins1. Jenks feat is very impressive too. Not as impressive as his girth, but impressive.

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