September 19, 2021

Kobe Bryant Trade Rumors

Kobe Bryant
Check this link for the latest one – Kobe to be traded. I’m sure he really wants to land in Memphis and play with the Grizzlies.


  1. Do it Jerry! Pull the trigger.

    I like Gasol and Miller. Then go out and get another 2 guard and with the offense being a triangle it doesnt matter who shoots just as long as you get good looks. And over the last 3 years all the Lakers get are bad looks cause you never know what Kobe is gonna do and then all of a sudden you get to shoot with .01 on the clock.

    Pull it Jerry because he doesnt want to be there and it will only cause more strife as this lingers.

  2. Bruins1…you seem to have changed your tune a bit???

  3. Yes I have.. I love Kobe, but I also think he has burned a lot of bridges on the team and without respect you dont have cohesiveness.

    if I can have a lineup of:
    Gasol, Odom, Walton, Farmar and Lil Shaq in a triangle offense.. we can score some points and grab boards with the best of them. Lotsa put backs. This lineup is not allowing the Steve Nash’s of the world to drive the lane without getting smacked down.

    we would finally have a first, second and third option instead of an option of 1. And that is where the Triangle worx.

  4. I really like the clarity you are showing Bruins1!

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