July 28, 2021

Irish Eyes Smiling

Padraig Harrington

Padraig Harrington won the British Open yesterday at Carnoustie after a playoff against Sergio Garcia. Paddy found ‘Barry burn’ twice on the 18th hole to record a double bogey, but then Garcia came right behind him with a bogey to send it to the playoff. This is just another total decompression from Sergio and a magnificent feat for Harrington. Padraig is only the second Irish golfer to win The Open.


  1. 1st of all on my Majors Fantasy League..yes I am a sicko..I had Padraig, Ernie and ian Poulter..

    Secondly.. Anyone watching on Sunday knew that Sergio was gonna choke. And then blamed it on the guy raking the bunkers a head of him on the 18th cuz he had to wait. In all fairness who hasn’t had to wait for a slow group in fron of them and then chunked the next shot? But as Zinger and Faldo were commenting, he should have put the club back in the bag, chatted a while with his caddie, who was not closer than 10 yards from him during this 10 minute wait, and start all over once the coast was clear. nonethless he still missed the biggest putt of his life and on the first Playoof hole he was a done deal. Adios Sergio you will never win a major and you will not win a tourny on the PGA or European tour for a long while. This was devestating to your ego, game and psychy to where to come back will be a few years away

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