January 23, 2022

What is Kitna Smoking?

Jon Kitna

John Kitna the quarterback for the Detroit Lions has predicited his Detroit Lions will win 10+ games this year. This is a NFL team that hasn’t won ten games in a season since 1995 and hasn’t even had a winning season since Y2K. This simply can’t happen for one reason and one reason only….Matt Millen is your general manager. ;-0

P.S. John when you get a chance ship some of the seeds from the dank you are tokin.


  1. they will start 2-0 and from there they will begin to slide. Best guess is 6-10. Remember.. they play Chicago twice, Phili, KC, Denver, GB and Minni twice so Kitna whatever you have pass it to me bro.


  1. […] The #2 pick in this year’s draft has signed a six year deal with the Detroit Lions. Things were pretty tense the last few days about when the Lions could actually get Johnson into camp. I’m sure this is a huge relief to Jon Kitna since he predicted at least 10 wins this year. Calvin Johnson NFL draft, Detroit Lions, Jon Kitna, NFL […]

  2. […] It appears John Kitna’s prediction won’t come true after all. The Detroit Lions are back to their normal lackluster selves after losing their fourth straight yesterday in ugly fashion to the Minnesota Vikings. Not only have they stunk, but now word comes that they have lost their best receiver Roy Williams for the remainder of the year due to a knee injury. I really thought you had a chance at 10 wins Mr. Kitna when you were 6-2, but I think the question now is can you get 7 wins before the end of the year. Detroit Lions, John Kitna, NFL, Roy Williams […]

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