September 19, 2021

Troy Percival Returns

Troy Percival
It has been almost two years since stud closer Troy Percival has pitched in the big leagues, but now he is back. He left the Detroit Tigers and MLB after continued soreness in his right shoulder. Troy is now 37 years old, but St. Louis is willing to see if he can help their underperforming bullpen. Percival is currently 12 on the all-time saves list and might have a c, hance to move up the ladder.


  1. My man from the Inland Empire. I have followed and met this guy for a lot of years. What a stud in the clutch and when he closed for my beloved Angels it was money in the bank. believe it or not when he played at UC Riverside he was a catcher.. true story.

  2. Somehow I knew you would know him personally Bruins1. He really was the bomb when he shut down games for the Angels.

    I definitely didn’t know he was a catcher in college.

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