November 28, 2021

R.I.P. NFL Europa

NFL Europa

It seems like we hardly knew you (Oh wait, 99.6 % of the world’s population didn’t) even though you were around for 16 years.  In the first four years you were named the World League then NFL Europe and the final two years NFL Europa.  The whole purpose of the league was to be a talent development league for the NFL and to extend the brand nationally.  Throughout the years London, Barcelona, Scotland, Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin had teams, but the final season had only five teams from Germany and one from Amsterdam. 


  1. I’m just ready for Fall to get here. Long live football… where ever it may be played!

    Rob Peterson
    Cary, NC

  2. I couldn’t agree more Rob. There is less than two months until college football is HERE!

  3. nfl network is the shit! been watching games all summer. best of all, they take all the trash plays out of the game, and it drops it to less than 2 hours

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