October 15, 2021

Over the Hill Gang

Over the Hill
There is going to be seven starting pitchers today in the Major Leagues over the age of 40. This will break the MLB record set just last week when there were six starters over 40 taking the mound in the same day. Roger Clemens, John Smoltz, Greg Maddux, Jamie Moyer, Kenny Rogers, Tom Glavine, and Woody Williams all get the starting nod today for their respective team. Each of these guys are role models for all up and coming professional baseball players.


  1. Speaking of over the hill one of the better baseball guys passed away a couple days ago in Rod Beck. there is more talk about a steroid using wrestler killing his family than about one of the good guys in Americas game. Rod Beck was a fans favorite and an even better guy. 2 years ago while making his comeback in the minors he parked his winnabego behind the stadium and invited fans to come by for a cold one and talk baseball. This is the best part of the game where fans used to interact with the players and shoot the shit about the game. Now its corporate boxes and $100 field tickets where the common man can not enjoy. Long live baseball guys like Rod Beck

  2. I loved Rod Beck back in the days with the Cubbies! He was a good ole boy Bruins1!

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