September 27, 2021

Michael Please Stop!

Charlotte Bobcats

You really need to stop selecting UNC players with your first round picks.  Brandan Wright isn’t strong enough to beat his way out of a wet paper bag and his jumper is on the same level as Bill Cartwright.  Then with your second round pick you take the human sloth Jared Dudley.  I realize there weren’t any other UNC players worth picking, but you had to stay in the ACC huh?  The Bobcats sure aren’t on the yellow brick road these days!


  1. MJ is an idiot. Trading Brandon Wright for Jason Richardson? This guy has no idea how to run a franchise. I am surprised he didnt draft Rayshon Terry.

  2. Also.. the guy I love to hate.. Frenchy Noah really out did himself by also auditioning for Geico commercial as a cave man seeking a job. WTF was that outfit? freakin Macy Gray in drag? Just remember the next jumper he makes will be his first.

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