October 19, 2021

J.R. Smith Failed Driving School or Least It Seems!

J.R. Smith

J.R. Smith of the Denver Nuggets was at the wheel this weekend when his car was involved in an accident that killed one of his friends Andre Bell. Smith who is 21 has had his licensed suspended five times in the last year. His license was in good standing though at the time of the accident over the weekend.

Smith and Bell were thrown from his SUV when he ran a stop sign leading to the SUV colliding with a Jag and and flipping over. J.R. was hospitalized with an injured left shoulder and numerous scratches. His condition on Tuesday was not immediately available because privacy regulations at hospitals don’t allow information out on patients.

The investigation continues into the crash yet J.R. has already received two tickets for the accident. Smith accrued 27 points against his license from from spring of ’05 to early ’06 with eight moving violations. The violations included five speeding citations. His most recent license suspension was in February of this year.

Our wishes go out to Andre Bell’s family and we only hope J.R. learns how to drive or decides to pay someone else to do it for him.


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