October 15, 2021

Earnhardt Jr. Joins Hendrick Racing

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This is a very sad day for me and I’m sure many other Little E fans feel the same. It was hard enough dealing recently with the fact he was leaving his father’s company DEI, but that was a necessary move due to his stepmother’s obstinance. Today though came the announcement of Jr. joining Hendrick Racing which is a much harder blow to deal with than ever expected. I understand he wanted to go to a team that would allow him to win, but he is now teammates with Jeff Gordon and Jimmy Johnson…UGGHHH!!! He will take the place of Kyle Busch and I assume he will begin driving the #5 car? Anyway, it’s time to go get a case of Budweiser and wash these sorrows away.



  1. dexineffex says

    We welcome Lil E with open arms! While he will be the jester in the King’s court, he will serve as a tremendous wall of defense when Dirty Stewart & Co come knockin on the doof of King Gordon and Prince Johnson.

    In all seriousness NASCAR fans, are you an Earnhardt fan or a Gordon hater? If it’s the latter, racing fans need a reality check into what sports are about….do you pull for a man’s failure or another man’s success? Dale Jr. conducted a business valuation (like we do over at http://www.fairmarketvaluations.com) to determine who could drive the greatest value in his own personal enterprise. He chose the path of least resistance wanting to ensure his personal success & so that the dynasty kept running things.

    Long Live Hendricks and it’s golden child, Jeff Gordon!

  2. I think little E should have run the #83. the8 for his old # and the 3 for his dads #what do you think?

  3. I like that number better than #88 Randy. Thanks for the comment!

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