August 3, 2021

Chicago Bears Army Minus a Tank

Tank Johnson

Tank Johnson has been suspended for the first eight games of this coming season. Roger Goodell continues to show the players of the NFL he isn’t messing around with the zero tolerance policy. Tank had all sorts of off-the-filed issues in recent months and will now pay for his gun fetish. We are normally hard on athletes who screw up here at, but I don’t think Tank is a bad guy. Its more of a case of making bad decisions and based on his comments in recent weeks he has learned his lesson. Prove us right Tank! 🙂


  1. FanProphet says

    Hey, these players that refuse to make the most out of their NFL opportunity by getting into trouble, will soon find themselves out of the league. That’s one thing I’ve always admired about the NFL, they don’t mess around. These players knew the rules coming in, so they shouldn’t be surprised.

    I think Johnson has handled this well and we will never hear from him again in this type of setting.


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  2. Thanks for the comment FanProphet.

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