October 15, 2021

Cavaliers Bandwagon


Is officially loading up and heading to the NBA Finals. Cleveland domiated Detroit last night 98-82 in Cleveland to win the Eastern Conference finals 4-2. The NBA finals get kicked off this coming Thursday in San Antonio and I am looking forward to the battle. Can Bruce Bowen check Lebron James? Can Daniel Gibson keep up his unbelievable playoff run? Who does Cleveland use to guard Tim Duncan? All these questions and more will be answered in the next couple of weeks.



  1. FanProphet says

    They don’t call me FanProphet for no reason.

    The Cavs matchup better against the Spurs then any other WC team.

    No, Bowen will not check Lebron. The refs will make calls (legitimate) for Lebron and the “dirty” play of Bowen will surface on such a large stage.

    Gibson may not see as many minutes (with the first unit) in this matchup because he cannot guard anybody (Parker). Therefore look to see Snow shut down Parker defensively. We won’t depend on the likes of Gibson offensively because we matchup so well against the Spurs.

    We’ll use a number of players to guard Duncan. Don’t get me wrong I do realize nobody can stop Duncan, however, our big guys (non shot blockers) can play a straight-up defense on Timmy and give him fits. Duncan solely relies on ill-fundamentals from the rest of the league while getting them to leave their feet, then simply going around them or drawing a foul. Varejao, Z, can’t leave their feet.

    Prophecy-Cavs win this series and shock the WORLD.


  2. I don’t agree Bruce is a “dirty” player and the refs will make the calls accordingly. I think you can expect to see many head scratching no calls in The NBA Finals.

    I also don’t see Snow “shutting down” Tony Parker. He is entirely too fast and crafty to not be a factor in the Finals.

    I do however feel the Cavs have a change in The Finals, but not based on two of your three points above.

    What fun would it be if we agreed though. 😉

    Thanks for the comment though!

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