October 15, 2021

Breaking News on Pacman Jones

Pacman Jones

News has been released out of Las Vegas from authorities that Pacman Jones will face two felony charges. A strip club melee caused by Pacman “making it rain” occurred over NBA All Star Weekend and resulted in a triple shooting outside the Minxx club. The shootings left a bar employee paralyzed and two others with minor injuries.

Pacman faces two counts of felony coercion stemming from allegation he threatened to kill club employees and bit a bar bouncer on the ankle. This could be the beginning to the end for Mr. Adam Jones.


  1. How do you spell Bling?

  2. Did you say Bling? Can you give me the origin please? Can you use it in a sentence?


    StonecoldJZ 🙂


  3. Bling is from the south bronx in origination and the use in a sentance is:

    Yo.. my crew n me tricked out in major bling made it rain in Vegas

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