November 28, 2021

To be traded…or not to be traded

Kobe Bryant

This seems to be the question going on right now with Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers. Kobe made a lot of noise with the media yesterday when he announced on Steven A Smith’s radio show that he has been lied to by the Lakers and wants to be traded. He said he was promised the Lakers would build an adequate team around him after the departure of Shaquille O’Neal, but there haven’t been any big additions to the team and they don’t plan on doing much in this off-season.

A few hours after Kobe said he must be traded he backed off these statements and said he really wants things to work out. How do you back track that much in the same day Kobe? You shouldn’t make such damaging statements and then just take them back as if it wasn’t a big deal. Don’t forget this was the same team and organization that stood behind you during your off-court isssues a couple of years back and do you really need another PR problem?


  1. Someone had to say something: cuz a team with a starting point guard of either a horrendous Smush Parker or rookie Jordan Farmar who has twice played an NBDL game on the same day he started for the Lakers you are not an elite team.
    A team who has a Kwame Brown as their starting center along with power forward Vlad ‘Bode Miller’ Radmonov you are not an elite team.
    When you have a Sasha and a Roni coming off the bench you are not an elite team.
    Hey! Jerry Buss…back away from the c’tail and dont let Free Agents like Carlos Boozer or Trade opps like Jason Kidd get away. You cant count on a healthy Lamarr Odem for an 82 game season and the hopes of your real starting center, Chris Mhimm coming back healthy is not something to be real ealted about.

  2. You are points are very valid Bruins1 and Kobe does need help, but not one word of that mess yesterday needed to be brought up with the media.

    He asked for this a few years back with management so now he can deal with the reprocussions with them too.

  3. So when MJ was doing his thing in the media every freakin year that was not OK too.. right? The only way to clear the air these days is to get it all out in the media and let the liar or BS sort itself out. hey.. Kobe is Kobe and will always be an Ahole.. but he is the best player in the NBA and having crap as a supporting cast is simply wasting his talents. Without Kobe there would not be a playoff series nor would there be $2500/nt courtside seats. I lived through the Sedell Threat, Doug Christy, AC Green, Vlade and George Lynch years and it wasn’t fun. The only good thing about it was the great seats you could get.

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