September 20, 2021

Time to Fess Up Michael Vick

Michael Vick

This dog fighting ring accusations centered around one of your residence’s in Smithfield Virginia has gone on long enough. First and foremost it happened at ONE of your cribs. You mean you have never been there and/or didn’t question why there was a kennel of pit bulls placed behind it. At least two of your friends have come forth to state you not only knew about the dog fights, but you attended many of them. Neighbors of the residence state they have seen you at this house “you have never been to”. Now there is word of supposed video tapes placing you on the scene of these dog fights.

Your new coach Bobby Petrino has stuck up for you through all of this and imagine what an ass you make him when everything blows up around you, him and the Atlanta Falcons. Step up and admit to your transgressions or else this could really get ugly.



  1. petrino doesnt need vick to make him look like an ass…he does an outstanding job of that all by himself. just sign him to a contract if you need further evidence

  2. Pac Man, Tank, Chris Henry, Ricky, Mike… Hmmm. Just a bunch of homeys who have some athletic talent but no class or respect for any authority. Karma is a bitch. The NFL is quickly becoming thanks to a new czar the No F@$&up League.

  3. wolfman – petrino has burned bridges before i agree, but sticking up for a player who is obviously lying is not something he deserves. Thanks for the comment.

  4. bruins1 – i like what Goodell is doing too because it’s making everyone accountable for their actions. We’ll see what happens to Tank and Vick. 😉

  5. dexineffex says

    Rumor going around collegetown, usa is that Vick got his animal fighting career started when he was in Blacksburg VA!! They had to replace the real hokie mascot like 10 times b/c Vick had this bad ass bird with talons and a switchblade! Finally, Coach Beamer just brought a .22 to one of the fights and took that thug rooster out!

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