September 21, 2021

Suns vs Spurs Series Fall Out

Late in the game last night Robert Horry laid the smackdown on Steve Nash. Horry’s aggressive and unnecessary foul prompted Amare Stoudemire and Boris Diaw to leave the Suns bench. Well, the NBA decided to suspend Stoudemire and Diaw for a game and this could severely hinder the chances of the Suns winning this Western Conference semifinal that is currently tied 2-2. Horry ended up being suspended for two games, but I would argue until the cows come home that Stoudemire is a major impact second only to Steve Nash and Diaw even means more in the long run than Horry. Check out this video clip and tell us your thoughts on whether they handled the suspensions appropriately.


  1. i think its bullshit. stu jackson and david stern need to remove their heads from their asses and realize that the fans want a game, and with the way this year has gone, NEED a game, a series, a postseason to be anything but boring. I had no doubts when Amare made his statements earlier about the spurs that he was right, but jeez. I honestly didnt think it would come from horry.

    since we are talking about the spurs, who the hell even likes san antonio, except for those in a small area of tejas. call me crazy and perhaps the only male in the world who is fricking tired of hearing about longoria every stinking game that smuggy little parker plays in. its a basketball game folks. and duncan with his “who me??!?!” every time there is a foul called. i think mike finley is the only person on that team i could even stand to be in the room with….used to think that about horry, but now….not so much.

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