August 3, 2021

Little E Ready to Talk

Little E

Dale Earnhardt Jr. will make the long awaited and much rumored announcement tomorrow about his plans for the future in NASCAR tomorrow morning. He has been in negotiations for quite some time with DEI, but hasn’t been able to reach agreement on receiving 51% ownership in the company. His stepmother Teresa Earnhardt is oddly enough the one he has been unable to reach agreement with to date. Will he leave DEI? Will Martin Truex, Jr go with him? Will he stay at DEI? We will find out his plans tomorrow at a press conference in Mooresville, NC tomorrow.


  1. i would be willing to bet he has a deal worked out with dei. teresa cant be dumb enough to think she can continue to live the way she does without jr. and the money he brings in. im just sayin…

  2. I have been thinking all the while Teresa would come to her senses ‘wolfman’, but you just never know.

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