October 19, 2021

Gonzaga = Ganja


Check out this article over at Deadspin.com on Adam Morrison – Adam Morrison at Rage Against the Machine Concert. Call me silly, but it doesn’t look like Josh Heytvelt and Theo Davis are the only Gonzaga basketball players who like to do drugs.


  1. i cant fricking stand that dude. he is probably the biggest reason i wont “root” for the bobcats…that and theyre chapel hill sw. if that bastard is so into che guevara, he should go somewhere where he can be a socialist. but just get the hell out of here. asswad

  2. Bruins1 says

    “eeeer bro”.

    I believe he was smoking something of a cross breed. Kentucky blue and California sessamea. You can play 36 holes of golf and after get stoned out of your bejeezus.

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