September 25, 2022

Thunder Dan Majerle Still Has Game

There is no tricks with this footage and hitting these shots back to back is pretty crazy.

Dan Majerle Crazy Shots Video Clip


  1. I saw this on the boring TNT pregame show on Tuesday night.

    I got to tell ya. Watching Ernie, Kenny and Charles is amazing. Ernie is talking about the Heat game which had just ended before the Suns/Lakers and he was asking Kenny and Charles about something and the shot of all 3 of them was on and Charles had his elbow on the table with his hand on his face as if he were bored. Now when Ernie asked his question about the Heat game Charles sits there and says ‘I dont want to talk about the Heat game I want to talk about the Lakers’. Still with his head resting in his hand. Ernie then says, “we will get to that game” and then again with his head in his hand Charles says, “i dont have anything to say about the Heat game!”. Then this Marjerle shot came up on the screen and Charles gets excited and kept saying, “he does this every day, he does this every day..” like 3 or 4 times. He then went back to resting his head in his hands. Once they spoke about the Lakers/Suns game he sounded like someone who had a few c’tails. Point of the story is… does anyone ever watch that show and does anyone really care?

  2. dexineffex says

    ThunderDan…..that is child’s play sucka!

    He should’ve taken a trip to 300 Perimeter Parkway back in the day to the “indoor playground” and witnessed the sickest, most creative games of horse in the sports world……StoneCold and DexinEffex (sorry for braggin) were the kings of horse and had a bigger bag of tricks than David Blaine. Still kicking myself for not video tapping those daily sessions and sending white collar horse fantical clips to ESPN……no doubt they would’ve popped em on Sportscenter for the helluva it!!

    Off the floor, over the rafter, catch it in the air, over the 2nd rafter, catch it in the air, off the floor, off the back wall, catch it in the air, granny up through the rim & bank swish……

  3. I couldn’t agree more dexineffex. ‘Seventh Heaven’, ‘Eight is Enough’, ‘The Gauntlet’, and so many others are pieces of art. Sportscenter would have only scratched the surface of the big things that could have been done. Lets not forget about the new “NHL”. National Horse League. 😉