November 28, 2021

This 4 Year Old Kid is Tough as Nails

Check out this video of a four year old little boy getting ‘jacked up’ by a Colorado State wide receiver during their spring football game. Sign this kid now because he is solid.

Please note the young boy was not seriously hurt.


  1. What a wuss. This kid should stick to bowling if he cant take a hit like that. He might as well hop into that special little yellow bus and take up curling. This goes to show you how parents these days are definately babying their young and for what its worth… these are our future spineless govt leaders we have to rely on when we are old and gray.

    In all jest of course.. good to see the little fella is fine. and WTF is he and other children doing on the field. I cant even get a pass to a Duke game where 5 people not named Krezewksi are in attendance.

  2. A pass to a Duke football game??? That might be the funniest thing I have ever heard.

    As far as the kid on the field…I have no clue what he was doing there. Especially IN THE BACK OF THE FRICKIN END ZONE!

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