October 19, 2021

No Crying Please

Andrei Kirilenko

Andrei Kirilenko was driven to tears Saturday after the Jazz lost to the Houston Rockets 84-75. He was crying because he didn’t get to play enough in the game. Andrei played only 16 minutes and scored a measly two points. Sloan said he stayed with Harpring in the game because he was playing considerably better than Kirilenko.

You are playing in the NBA and making $12.3 million a year Andrei…..suck it up and be a man!!!


  1. I have no problem with him airing out his displeasure. he is an All-Star and should be in the big games. hell..they scored less than 80 pts so he has something here. This has been the goto guy and is being paid to produce. As William Devane said when he played the coach of the Bad News Bears in Breaking Training. You know the second Bears movie when they played at the Astrodome? Anyway his famous quote was,”Let Them Play…Let Them Play!…” hey Jerry, time to look at who has put up with your crap for the last few years and play the best you got. Cuz if the best you are playing is getting you 75pts you need to readjust. And you do not have Mark Eaton, Adrian Dantley, Thurl Bailey and Marc Ivaroni on the bench.

  2. I’m with you Bruins1 that he should be playing, but crying because he isn’t getting the appropriate playing time? That wouldn’t entice me as a coach to put him in the game. I do agree however that he is really missing Mark Eaton. 🙂 Thanks for the comment.

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