September 19, 2021

Mario Williams Blame It On The Rain

It seems Mario Williams likes to “make it rain” too. Check out this video clip where he throws cash in the air for people to grab.


  1. what rhymes with LUST?

    must, rust, dust, and and I think there is one more…BUST!

  2. That’s not so bad – he’s just giving back some of the cash he so righteously stole from Houston when they drafted/paid him No.1 overall~

    Gee, and now Houston doesn’t even have a quarterback. David Carr, thank god you finally got a real team.

  3. LOL K.K.! He is givng back to the commmunity.

    I have to admit though I’m not ready to call him a bust.

  4. yeah, talk to me about being a bust 5 years from now. he is YOUNG!

  5. I jest when I say he is a bust, but I do not and have not seen too many if any at all Hall of Famers making it rain. So let’s make it rain in the weight room and in the film study as this type of behavior does not sit well in the grand scheme of things when it comes down to getting up field and making a play. This just shows immaturity which can only deter him from playing at his optimum level mentally.

  6. dexineffex says

    Mario needs to learn a couple of things:

    1) How to hold Julius Pepperz jockstrap
    2) How to shoot better quality videos
    3) How to keep showing off his edumucation from State

    I doubt he’ll be shooting any NFL Big Brother videos anytime soon. Way to represent kid!!

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