October 19, 2021

I’m Not the Pacman Jones of the NBA

Sebastian Telfair

My name is Sebastian Telfair and I am about to be let go from the Boston Celtics due to ridiculous accusations. I just got arrested last week for having a loaded gun in my car while driving 77 mph in a 45 mph zone with a suspended a license. I have been wrongly accused of things before since I arrived in the NBA. I was wrongly fined by my old team the Portland Trailblazers when they found a loaded gun in my pillowcase on the team’s private jet back in ’05. I don’t know why everyone is picking on me, but I wish they would stop hatin!




  1. yes Sebastian you are. Since the day you allowed ESPN to make a film when you were a senior in high school you became a thug. It doesn’t surprise me you went to Portland first. You honed your thug skills with Rueben ” so what if she is my 17 year old nanny” Patterson etal. Now you have no game and maybe no team other than maybe in Spain or Akron, OH.

  2. I hear the Atlanta Hawks calling Sebastian now. 😉

  3. That’s not a fair comparison…

    Pac-Man wasn’t a scrub like this guy is. To me, Telfair will forever be the guy that screwed the Celtics twice – once as the guy who cost them Brandon Roy, and again as the guy who wouldn’t give Rajon Rondo a chance to be PG

  4. Pacman definitely isn’t a scrub, but they both sure like to do shady things on a consistent basis K.K. Thanks for the comment.

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