November 28, 2021

College Basketball Coaching Carousel

Coaching Carousel

Done deals

Stan Heath is fired from Arkansas and then accepts the South Florida job

Dana Altman leaves Creighton for Arkansas job

Steve Alford leaves Iowa for the New Mexico head coaching job

Todd Lickliter leaves Butler to accept the Iowa job

In the works

John Beilein appears to be set to accept the Michigan head coaching job if Michigan agrees to buy out his contract from West Virginia for $2.5 million.  This one might not happen because of that sticking point.

Mike Montgomery to Long Beach State??

Billy Donovan to Kentucky??


  1. dexineffex says

    The grapevine is buzzing and word has it that John Calipari contacted Lee Fowler inquiring about the State head coaching job. What will Lee say now??

  2. Now Dexineffex you and I both know that isn’t the case. Calipari just signed another contract extension this year and will not be coaching at NC State anytime soon if ever. He really seems to like it at Memphis and appears to be intent on building a high profile college team.

  3. dexineffex says

    Dan Altman just punked the Razorbacks!!! Rick Majerus style….just with a slight twist.

    The Creighton alumni gathered up all their piggy banks for that one.

  4. I would look ahead to Bobby Cremmons as the heir apparent

  5. dexineffex – Altman really did pull a Majerus on Arkansas. These guys truly need to make sure their mind is made up before they commit to a school. I heard the AD was already down in Augusta chillin watching the practice rounds at the Masters and then had to come back because of Altman’s antics.

    Cremmins will not be heading to Arkansas Bruins1.

  6. Boby Cremmins in KY? Big name and a hellova recruiter

  7. 10 years ago I would have said YES! Cremmins is now way past his prime and not a good fit for Kentucky either.

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