October 15, 2021

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Long Beach State 49ers

I have heard from an extremely reliable source this evening some SHOCKING news for college basketball.  Long Beach State will soon be announcing a new head coach for their men’s basketball team.  Keep in mind this University has had the likes of Lute Olson, Seth Greenberg and Jerry Tarkanian as their head coach through the years so they do hold their own.  The Long Beach State 49ers will announce Mike freakin Montgomery as their new head coach in the coming daysa year after he left the NBA and Golden State.  Montgomery is an alum of LBSU and wants to get back in the college ranks.  You can bank on this baby just like you could the “chalk” in this years NCAA tournament.  Snoop Dogg has to be proud about the news for his LBC.  Thoughts???


  1. this would make Montgomery the second best coach on the west coast immediatley nestled up next to Howland. if you thoght LB St was a flash in the pan well you are right, now they are a force in the Big West and a team who can run the table every year in that league and get to the NCAA’s ready to upset somebody. With all the talent they have in that hotbed I wouldn’t be surprised if they steal someone year after year from the UC schools…even a rent a year player.

  2. Better coach on the west coast than Few, Floyd, and Kent?

  3. who has won more and gone farther in the tourny? C’mon Stonecold this guy is proven for over 15 years. can these other guys say that? They are good. but for how long have they? none of these guys ever made a final four. MM did with the likes of Mark Madsen for gosh sakes

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