October 15, 2021

Syracuse Shafted

Jim Boeheim

22-10, 10-6 in Big East, won 6 of their last eight games, beat Georgetown, UConn twice, Marquette, Villanova and Depaul.  You tell me how this team doesn’t make the Big Dance!  I don’t normally get up in arms about bubble teams being left out, but this one is a mockery.  I’m too pissed to write more about the NCAA basketball selections right now, but will have more on the NCAA Tournament later. Out!


  1. Boeheim should be ashamed of himself and the team. if they had made the Tourney Drexel most assuredly would have made it due their win at Syr. Drexel got screwed, Not Syracuse. How the hell were Illinois, Arkansas and Stanford getting in the Tourney? Didn’t Air Force beat Stanford by 34? Who did Arkansas and Ill beat in the Top 50 this year? Nobody.

    As usual we have some left outs including Fla St, Air Force, Kansas St and App. State, but we always have these issues. The field should not be more than 64 teams and bottom line is win that 1 game you are not supposed to and you are in. Losing by 3 to a top 10 team doesn’t cut it. Win it and you are seeded between 7-10. Just ask Purdue. On that note, Arizona was an embarrassment this year and still got an 8 seed.

    Oh by the way…name the only conference which got 60% of their teams in the tourney.

    Answer: PAC 10

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