September 19, 2021’s National Player of the Year in College Basketball

Lorenzo Mata

…..IS Lorenzo Mata.  This all Windex player is the heart and soul of the UCLA Bruins.  No one is more rough and tough down low and yet can look so good.  Congrats Lorenzo!


(this is 100% a joke, but will give one of my friends a good laugh) 


  1. aside from Durant and Oden this guy should be up for player of the year.

  2. Could Durant really check Lorenzo though? 😉

  3. I dont think Durant would be able to do much one on one with Mata. Like those old 1 on 1 games in teh NBA circa 1970’s I would love to see Mata go against anybody.

    JR Henderson and Stuart Gray couldn’t hold a candle to Mata

  4. The ‘Underground needs to impliment an ALL Windex team. or The Unsung hero team

  5. Ask and you shall receive Bruins1. The ‘All Blackhole Team’ has already been announced and there will be many more to come. Thanks for the support.

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