January 23, 2022

SportsUnderground.com’s Dumb Ass of the Week

Ron Artest

There were SOOOO many this week considering Gerald Henderson of Duke, Juan Pablo Montoya and even Jake Plummer wanting to retire because he didn’t like the Buccaneers, but in the end we will give it to Ron Artest.  Ole Ronnie boy was arrested today for a domestic dispute.  It was only a few weeks ago this was in trouble for neglecting his dogs which I have absolutely no tolerance .  The female assaulted had injuries and the Sacramento Kings responded quickly by exusing him indefinitely from the team due to the arrest.  When will you learn Ron???


  1. montoya is a jerk, henderson is a total thug (i know, i know, duke doesn’t teach you to play dirty), but artest needs to be dealt wit….plain and simple. he should be locked up and whipped publicly if he ever mentions playing in the nba again. he is the epitomy of worthless scum, who will never be anything because he doesn’t want to change. rot away in a jail cell for the rest of forever for all i care.

    back to henderson, i saw first hand and close up what kind of punk henderson is. and no, im not a carowhina fan. coach k knew what happened as soon as the whistle blew, and he may have even called for it. but there was so much wrong with the last minute of that game, who knows where to start. first, k calling timeouts down double digits…then bitching about the fact that roy still had a starter in the game. can’t have it both ways. next, hansbrough had been destroying duke all game long, and im sure duke, k, and i guess henderson had enough. by the way, how can k get away with complaining about hansbrough being in the game when obviously henderson was still in there too. at that point, they should have searched the crowd and found 5 cameron crazies with a set of balls and put them in…of course, we would still be sitting here waiting for the game to end.

    final thought, there is a new rule in the acc this year. the game cannot end until tyler hansbrough has lost a contact.

  2. Wolfman – Artest does need to be dealt with and I truly feel it’s getting rid of him for good. Isn’t it three strikes your out? We are in the third inning now if that is the case. 😉

    Don’t get me started on Coach K because that could be a LONG winded banter.

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