October 15, 2021

SportsUnderground.com’s All Black Hole Team – NCAA Men’s Basketball

All Black Hole Team

Basically if you give the rock to any of these players you will not be seeing the ball again.  Let’s give it up for the ‘All Black Hole Team’.

Guard: Rob McKiver, Houston   Dude jacks 10.8 3 pointers a game!!  Nuff said.

Guard: Trey Johnson, Jackson State    Trey averages 21.7 shots a game which is almost two more than anyone else in the country.  Trey averages 27.1 a game and you can watch him face the Florida Gators in the first round of the NCAA tournament.

Center: Kevin Durant, Texas   This kid could be my team’s black hole anyday.  Kevin shoots 17.7 shots a game and only averages 1.9 assists.

Forward: Reggie Williams, VMI    Reggie attempted the second most shots of anyone in the country at 19.7 per game, but is the nation’s leading scorer at 28.8 a game.

Forward: Arizona ‘Az’ Reid, High Point   When you play for High Point we will allow a little ball hogging, but 17.8 shots and 1.9 assists a game?


  1. I knew you were a fan of the AZ!
    Arizona AZ Reid is one of the better players in the country… he does gleen glass as well from time to time

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