October 15, 2021

NCAA Tournament Predictions March 15th

NCAA Tournament Predictions

I’m not going to lay out all of my bracket (errr.. brackets) because if you don’t have your brackets done by now then you should be shot.  I can’t tell you my bracket picks anyway because I plan on winning the $10 million from www.sportsbook.com for a perfect bracket. ;-)  I am however going to lay it all out for all the Underground peeps on who to bet on in the smorgasboard of college basketball action today.  Here is the first games of the day and if you agree or disagree feel free to chime in with your comments.  ENJOY!

Davidson covers +7.5 but loses the game against Maryland

Boston College covers -2.5 against Texas Tech

Louisville covers -5.5 against Stanford


College Basketball 37-26-1

NBA 3-1

NFL 12-5-1

College Football: 10-8


  1. Just in case you are from Iceland and you are not into the tourny here is a lttle NFL news:

    The Cleveland Browns signed offensive lineman Seth McKinney to a one-year deal Wednesday, when they also terminated fullback Terrelle Smith’s contract before he was due a roster bonus at the end of the week.

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