October 15, 2021

Joakim Noah Dancing?

Joakim Noah

I definitely wouldn’t call this dancing because in all reality it is quite disturbing. Joakim continues to do things that make me sincerely dislike him.  Get off yourself Joakim and more importantly quit the beating of your chest.

***Joakim Noah dancing video clip***


  1. on a scale of 5 Noahs’ dance is up there with ex-Laker Madsen when they won their rings in the early 2000’s
    “Cannnnnnn Youuuuuuuuuuu Diggggggggggg It?”

  2. I thought about the Madsen ‘white boy’ dance too Bruins1, but this is down right spastic!

  3. Yo Kim!!!!

    I don’t think you are getting anywhere close the amount of pussy your ol’ man did and still can.

    cool it with the white man overbight shake rattle and roll it is very disturbing. next you’ll want to be a contestant with Julia Louie Dryfuss aka Elaine Benes of Sienfeld in Dancing with the Stars

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