October 15, 2021

Pacman Makes Me Puke

Pacman Jones

We have shared our thoughts on “King Thug” here at SportsUnderground before when we touched on his Titans suspension and other suspicious incidents he has been involved in over the last year. These stories don’t hold a candle to Pacman’s latest fiasco that happened in Vegas this past weekend. Pacman and his posse were in Vegas for the NBA All-Star festivities and decided to hit a strip club Sunday evening. They must have stopped at 200 or so ATM’s before they went to the boobie bar because Pacman and his crew rolled into the strp club with $81k in a trash bag!!! Now my first question is was it a Hefty bag because that is some serious cash to be carrying around and you don’t want the bag to break? The second question is how was he allowed to walk into the strip club lugging a trash bag full of cash? I’m going to go out on a limb and guess this strip club is a little shady and probably not right on Las Vegas strip. 😉 Anyway I digress! Pacman begins to throw large amounts of the money into the air so it can “Rain” down on the strippers. It’s a simulated effect of money literally raining down and Pacman does not want them picking the dolla dolla bills up until it’s done raining. Unfortunately the strippers were told by their handler to pick up the dough before it was done “raining” and this lit Pacman’s fuse with the quickness. You can read the full story *here* because I am getting nauseous just by breaking it down. The bottom line is professional sports has some serious thugs and we all are aware of this, but are any of them as bad as Pacman? He has got one hell of a rap sheet and it just grows and grows. Pacman has mad skills on the football field, but it is my hope we will never see those skills again. He should be booted from the NFL and he definitely needs to go jail. That’s where all his peeps are anyway.


  1. […] Is there any question at all.  I sure hope not because it is “King Thug” himself Pacman Jones.  Here is why in case you already forgot SportsUnderground.com’s Dumb Ass of the Week Award. Pacman Jones, SportsUnderground.coms Dumb Ass of the Week Award […]

  2. […] The fuzz in Vegas has recommended to the district attorney that “King Thug” Pacman Jones be charged with one count of felony coercion and also misdemeanor counts of battery and threat to life for the Vegas strip club incident last month. I think our post last month Pacman Makes Me Puke says it all and now it’s also time for the NFL to agree with me. I hope before the end of the week we get final word that Pacman will be suspended for an entire year. Adam Pacman Jones, King Thug, Las Vegas strip club, NFL, Tennessee Titans […]

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