October 3, 2022

Serena Williams on Steroids?

Serena Williams

The thicker and more mighty Serena Williams overpowered Maria Sharapova 6-1 6-2 last night in the Australian Open Final. Serena was ranked #81 before this tournament, but came into the Australian Open with a head of steam and destroyed the competition. The precious Maria Sharapova fell, but became the #1 ranked women’s player in the world after her excellent showing.

The real question is does the WTA Tour test for performance enhancing drugs? I mean Serena Williams looks like she is on a healthy diet of steroids for breakfast, lunch and dinner with animal adrenaline for dessert. I think it might be time to start the investigation. ;-) 


  1. I totally agree.
    How are any of the women in the tournament supposed to match up against this she-thing? Honestly, she’s got the body of a professional wrestler. And do you hear her testosterone-fueled he-man grunts during the game? I thought Bill Bixby was somewhere in the crowd hulking up.

  2. LOL Didgeridoo! It appears you feel the same way I do. Thanks for your comment and please come back and provide more feedback.

  3. I take steroids and so does Serena Williams. There is no doubt about it. You can deny deny deny……she takes them but like most fans don’t realize is that most other players, cyclists etc do to….Sorry to disappoint you.

  4. beautifulmollies says

    It’s very obvious that she is on roids. The common excuse and I don’t mean to be racist but blacks set themselves up for this all the time. They always claim that it is in the gene pool. You can realisticly only take that so far though. Once a person does not even look human anymore it becomes quite obvious that he/she is taking steroids. Don’t think I’m only going to attack blacks with this though. Look at Triple H aka HHH Hunter Herst Helmsly from the WWE. Around 1990 he was just as skinny as Shawn Michaels and two years later he looked as if he could wrestle a bear. This guy represents the trademark of steroids very well with his huge head.

  5. Look at it this way. If Serena were to test positive for doping, think of the negative publicity for professional tennis. How would the WTA deal with one of its biggest stars being a cheater? I can also just see and hear Serena’s father. It’s best to let sleeping dogs lie, at least in this case.

    • How would the WTA deal with this? They would cover it up. If you were following tennis news, you’d know how many times the WTA allowed Serena into a major tennis tournament even though she refused to test. And when she refused to test in Olympics 2004, she didn’t show up (Olympics drug testing is uniform just and fair), coming up with an illness that any first semester pre-med student would know is bogus. Hematomas are NOT emergencies and they are NOT removable!! OOPS! Let’s work on those excuses some more.

  6. When Serena began the Australian Open ranked 81st, she had not been playing much and was around forty pounds over weight. Then, magically, she comes from this fat, slow condition to win. She had to beat out several extremely fit players. What is more, she is abnormally and even freakishly thick. This appearance is seems to indicate drug use.

  7. you are all pathetic,

    Serena is NOT on roids, she is just an incredible athlete, but because she does not look like a Russian Tennis player, because she is BIG, she must be on roids, because she don’t look like what we expect a professional womens tennis player to look like.

    I have been in the Iron game a long long time. I have used, delt and made steroids.

    Unless your talking Bodybuilding
    You can not look at someone and assume they are using steroids.

    For athletes, you can not determine fitness by appearance alone.

    I love the Williams sisters simply because of what they do to the sport, THIS! They piss off the typical fans, who can not accept them for what they are. Phenoms…

    • That’s nonsense and you know it. Especially coming from someone who “supposedly” used and dealt steroids. What the hell do you mean “unless you’re talking about Bodybulding”? For a guy who’s supposedly in “the know” I think you need to get out more and talk to more people and be involved with more people who are on the juice. But what kills me is your idiotic statement: “You can not look at someone and assume they are using steroids.” I would think, then, that it stands to reason that you can also not look at someone and assume they are NOT on steroids. Of course, if you look at people who have been caught using steroids – and people you KNOW are on steroids they have common characteristics, common features that go along with the use of steroids. So yes, oh brilliant one, we can tell, to a pretty good extent, whether someone is using or not. It’s not always 100%, but to come on here like you have some clue, or some inside information about Serena, calling people pathetic, when it’s more than clear you’ve got a hard-on for the “lady” is pretty, is just idiocy on parade.

    • Hey Junkie–when a woman hits her serve as fast as Federer and Nadal, she is juicing. There is no other way for a woman to hit the ball as hard as a 190 pound man. Wake up and smell the coffee….

  8. Asymetrical muscular development is a common problem with steroid use. Her right arm is twice the diameter of the left. She has become highly aggressive, witness the ugly display where she threatened a French opponent and accuse her of cheating for the crime of protecting herself from a smash. This career resurgence is interesting as well. Females physically peak at 16. Williams is 26 and has suffered many injuries, including major knee work. To become what she is now is reminiscent of Barry Bonds, another over-aged steroid and HGH user. Remember that tennis has a testing program that is very inadequate for today’s performance enhancement. Ever track and field’s program didn’t catch Marion Jones. For women’s tennis to catch anything like the ‘Clear’ is unlikely at best.

  9. Olke Deacon says

    I was a Serena fans before she started to win;still am and always will be.
    So I ain’t hatin’;
    however I have a feeling that she is on “The Juice”

  10. On the Juice says

    Of course she’s taking steroids. Just the sheer size of her would be anyone’s first clue, not to mention all the other symptoms already mentioned. What hasn’t been brought up, though, is that let’s face it, if she was accused, it’d be the race card played…”You’re only picking on me because I’m a black woman dominating a white woman’s sport” My argument to that is…look at Tiger!

  11. Serena has had so many injuries because of roids, It weakends your imune system and one is vulnerable to more injuries. I owned a Gym and know the signs. It really is a coward with low self esteme that has to rely on drugs instead of hard work and perserverance to win. She is clearly on roids. Along with the loud banchy yell to try to intimidate opponents should be banned. What ever happened to playing like a human, instead of a wild animal. Test test test

    • morikomi says

      and now it’s July 2019… the whole world knows who got caught cheating..LMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ms. overrated/screamapova/drugapova got karma-ed… she had everyone fooled .. LOL


  13. I just watched a replay of the 1999 USOpen women’s finals when Serena was 19. It was her first championship. I was shocked at her body which appeared to be “normal”!!! Women’s bodies are already at full maturity by 19. There is no way that her body could have morphed from a healthy, athletic body to the monstrous, overly muscular, bear-like body that she has grown. A side-by-side, before and after photo of her ten years ago and now will make it obvious to all that she is on steroids!

  14. John Mauldin says

    Serena’s behavior last night in the semi-final of the US Open is one more, of the several, irrefutable signs of something wrong with Serena.

    I have closely followed tennis since 1977 and this is the worst behavior I have ever seen by a tennis player. I have never seen a professional or weekend tennis players act like this. Serena’s behavior was much worse than the all-time bad boy of tennis, John McEnroe. To my knowledge, he never threatened lines people as Serena did last night. I have seen her explode at other players on other occasions; yet her actions last night were abhorrent. This begs the question, What has she done in smaller venues when not on prime time television?

    This sets a low precedent for the game of tennis. Should Serena not be penalized for her actions, beyond losing one point in last night’s game, we may see more shameful behavior like hers.

    Some people feel her frequent maniacal outbursts are steroid induced.

    I recall one of Serena’s outburst against Jelena Jankovic. Some against lines people. Yet, many of these outbursts occur when “getting pumped up.” Yet, when her eyes seem as though they are about to pop out and her head about to explode, it seems there are other unseen forces at work.

    As has been mentioned before, Serena entered the 2007 Australian Open ranked 81st in the world because of infrequent play. It was also mentioned by reporters that she had not been practicing routinely. She was also carrying 30 to 40 pounds of fat – much heavier than any tennis player, male or female, I had ever seen. Yet, defeated all her competitors, all of whom were in top athletic condition.

    And how could she go from normal size and weight, at the age of 17 to 19, to an extremely pronounced figure with profoundly thick limbs? To add such size would require an extensive, aggressive weight-lifting routine over a long period of time. How could she maintain such a routine while touring the professional tennis circuit? This is very peculiar. In sharp contrast, almost every tennis player wishes to be light for enhanced running speed and agility. Consider professional football players in the position of wide-receiver: Have you ever seen one who is bulky as Serena?

    So, her frequent outbursts, winning major tournaments without much practice or play and her immense size in relationship to the other professional tennis players on the WTA seems to point to one conclusion: steroids.

    The last line of defense, for those who wish to defend Serena, is testing. Yet, testing can be subject to big money and corruption. Even The World’s Series was a scam one year. Perhaps, it was a scam more than once.

    The United States Tennis Association must strongly condemn Serena’s actions. I feel the USTA should also consider imposing a suspension and monetary fines.

    But we may see a cover-up. And the biggest cover-up, should there be one, will come from the media in which they will marginalize and brush this aside.

  15. Most definitely on some protocol(s) of chemical enhancement. No two ways about it.

    I’ve been involved within another sport for over thirty years that despite the most stringent testing measures of any sport is summarily – therefor regretably renowned for a wide range of chemical enhancement, e.g. “drugs” such as various amphetamine, blood doping – EPO, steroid and the penultimate; HGH, which effectively cannot be detected by any other means than extensive biopsy which is still disallowed. Therefor, it is “undetectable”. And boy, does HGH work wonders!


    I could mention one renowned name within that sport who is a net result “champion” because of same…….. Do the math.

    Williams inherent nature is beyond disgusting, a pox and pariah upon tennis, an outright thug who has destroyed the sport in no small measure. The level of ruthless conduct and contemptable hubris she manifests is almost indescribable. She is, to be sure, a real fraud. Her obvious participation (use of) in chemical enhancement serves to further demonstrate why this vicious, imperious, disrespectful thug atavist needs to be banned from the sport.

    Kudos to Mr. John Mauldin on his fully accurate and altogether appreciated remarks. Thanx John.

    Sport is business. Big business. Lots of money is on the table. But, at a beyond critical time in the world whereupon society needs to witness class acts who demonstrate dignity, humility and the like – and we’re not saying one needs to be obsequious…., Williams and others of her ilk need to be shown the not-so-proverbial door. Before same, however, I’d appreciate a full battery of drug testing. I can guarantee Williams will come back positive. And that is the only “positive” she will ever realize in her miserable, single helix, gutter life.

  16. Michele Erbacher says

    Isn’t there such a thing as steroid rage or ‘roid rage? And is there a fine if she tests positive? I agree that she should face a fine of at least $250,000 and be suspended for one more slams. Maybe then she’ll get the message that what she did isn’t just unacceptable, if they hadn’t been on a tennis court it would have been criminal behavior. I wish the lines woman would file an assault charge against her.

  17. I agree with Ketosis Junkie. I don’t think she is on steriods. Growing up during puberty my weight went to my thighs. I highschool I had large muscular legs, no hips, small waist, and D cups. I am also 5’1. I played tennis, softball, and ran track. I played softball in college at Austin Peay in TN. I am 5’1, I can throw a softball 69 mph, i run the 40 in 4.4 seconds, and I can bench 160 lbs.

  18. Tennis Bum says

    If you don’t think that Serena is on steroids, you’re just not paying attention!

  19. One thing that amazes me is how no one will speak up or call her on it. I remember an article Jason Whitt of FOX sports wrote about the white athlete taking steroids to keep up with the black athlete after another doping scandal (cannot remember who). it may be a fact of people are afraid to question her for fear of being labeled a racist? Shortly after this article it comes out how Tiger Woods may be linked to doping. If anyone believes Serena Williams transformed her body to this on her own, you have no clue about human physiology. I am 5’9″, worked out in my 20’s and only reached about 162 and I was very cut. Each person is only built to handle so much on their frame. Go back before this major run of hers, similar to Bonds, or Tiger, and look at their bodies. My god Serena looks like an NFL safety!!!
    If you saw her rant against the line judge during the US open I believe, there can be little doubt. Someone needs to call her on this.
    I find it interesting that Venus has not stayed parallel with her sister in their singles career. Maybe Venus actually has some standards.

  20. serena is on steroid it’s abvious look at her eye,her body has this sloppy look instead firm & fit look she look like miss hulk! someone please test her before she wreck herself.

  21. courtney foster says

    Its seems everything may have been said on this subject and I agree steroids are in play. Have you all seen Serena in a dress with her hair down trying to look like a woman? She is the poster child of a man in drag. I would love to see the developement of her play and career if they were to follow her close enough to make her stop.

  22. Her Mom is just as big as her if not bigger

  23. vermont guy says

    Ive been calling her “Sternia” screamarina Williams for years now.

  24. vermont guy says

    Sorry “Sterena”

  25. I believe an investigation is warranted, not just because Serena is a very “buff” woman, overpowering her opponents. Serena’s vitriol (roid rage) against the line judge really suggests the use of steroids, in my opinion. How can the William’s sisters and Roger Federer maintain such long careers? Nadal, he really, looks like he is wired on something, the bull, and never gets tired. Millions if not billions of dollars are on the line, and I believe the WTA is reluctant to come down on doping.

  26. I truly think what y’all are saying is true about manrena he totally need too be tested for steriod nothing just aint sound right when he speak at lease not for me he’s taken the sport for a joke and the other players have too follow the rules just aint fair let just say if they test him and find him positive alot of people is going to try hard too cover it up like they doing now pretending like they don’t see a big change in him mentally and physically well we all know what is going too be his excuse it’s a racist thing the racist talk is played out now i believe he was faken that foot injury why because everytime you hear a talk about manrena is always about he’s at some party in heels but foot suppose to be in cast then up came this stupid blood clot talk just too get sympathy.

  27. Agree with most of the comments here.

    Serena is grotesque, and there is no question it is from long-term steroid use.

    Just compare her to Venus. Venus looks the same as she always has. Serena looks like a monster of her former self. People do NOT change like that without drugs.

    She is ruining the sport of Tennis, but as long as she wins she doesn’t care. I was a big fan of hers when she started and now I think she should leave the game and get off the drugs.

  28. I asked my tennis coach who played on the ATP tour about the Williams sisters taking steroids and he said “I know so.” meaning he knows they juice from other tour friends of his, etc. But he told me “The problem, is if you rat out the Williams sisters, you have to rat out the other girls who take steroids and other PEDs as well.” So, the problem goes well beyond the Williams sisters. So it is not just them. It’s a whole bunch of players. But yeah, Serena and Venus Williams take steroids for sure.

  29. she is much more muscular than most men. her serves are 20mph faster than the other female players. it is obvious she is a cheater and should be banned

  30. Just watched the tail end of today’s U.S. Open match, and Serena’s arms are massive. Not only does she have the muscle definition of a man, she looks like a man who puts serious time into weightlifting, and her forearms look like a baseball slugger’s.

    Since she won the match, she was all smiles, and she told the courtside reporter the crowd is “awesome,” a marked difference from when she’s lost in the past and has insisted that the crowd is racist.

    She can control herself when things go her way, but should she find herself losing to a player like Caroline Wozniacki, she’ll go ballistic again. We’ll just have to wait and see.

    But it’s also worth noting that she’s refused drug tests in the past, claimed injury to escape mandatory drug tests, and has a record of suspicious-sounding comments whenever an interviewer has asked her about steroids. Of course, the sports “journalists” never ask the question in relation to her, they always point to another player, setting it up for Serena to say, “That’s so wrong, I would never cheat.”

    Last but not least, she is the major reason why the women’s rankings are so messed up, and why women’s brackets are never as competitive as the men’s. While other players must compete in ATP tournaments to keep their rankings up and make it into majors, Serena is allowed to skip those tournaments and waltz into the majors, fresh from her doping cycles. Since there is no off-season, out-of-tournament testing, it allows her to juice with impunity and cheat her way to major titles.

  31. No doubt this bloody amazon being on dope big time. Big corporate sponsors and ATP are making big bucks out of this lamed brain players never realising their is a huge payback in their physical and mental health later in life. So for now they enjoy their money and bloody suffer later. All these bloody so called professional Sports are all hoaxsd,rigged and tainted.

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  33. Just an example of cheating in our society. What kind of message are we sending to our children. What a monster thing not even woman like. She should be tested and made be to be clean and then play all of her past wins and see how it all plays out playing on a equal playing field . Women against women! Watching her tonight makes me sick. Hope her Daddy is happy!

  34. Serena is a cheat and I am not racist, it appears she uses steroids; arms like that are not normal, espically when you are just recovering from a near death injury. It is unfair for women’s tennis and women in general. Shame on you Serena

  35. @Jan Greene
    Yeah, recovering from a near death experience that is a direct result (complication) of steroid abuse. Anyone who thinks she isn’t using is delusional. It makes me lose respect for the sport.

  36. I wrote this two days ago:

    “She can control herself when things go her way, but should she find herself losing to a player like Caroline Wozniacki, she’ll go ballistic again. We’ll just have to wait and see.”

    And what do you know, Serena Williams had another meltdown and roid raged at a lineswoman again.

    The only part of my prediction that was wrong was that Serena raged during a match with Samantha Stosur, not Caroline Wozniacki.

    There’s a clear pattern here: When Serena is winning, or when she’s already won a match, she’s all smiles and fake graciousness.

    But when things don’t go her way, she starts screaming and throwing fits.

    Funny that she confused the lineswoman in today’s match with the lineswoman in the infamous 2009 match. What’s up, Serena, do all white people look the same to you?

    This woman is at the very least an extremely poor sport and a blight on tennis, and at worse, she’s a cheating steroid abuser who goes into chemically-induced rages.

    Either way, kick her out of tennis and don’t let her come back.

  37. She sure is on steroids and very unsportsmanlike. I get a kick out of her stats on her weight of 145 or 150. Amazing. She is twice the size of some of the men yet she weighs less her legs alone are massive. This should not be allowed in any sport. But she is a big time bully and they have allowed her to get away with it.

  38. I don’t think she’s on roids. I’m a female ex boxer and at my best my body was darn near identical to hers. I ran 7 miles a day lifted weights and then sparred and worked mitts for hours. I worked my butt off and it showed. I could out run a lot of people. I was thicker then most females but had amazing muscle definition. Could we say that Jeneba Tarmoh, Florence Griffith Joyner and Lolo Jones were or are on roids too? I’m not sure but most women don’t incorporate enough weight training in their workouts and from experience I can say that when you do (and depending on your genetics) you can almost get to her status, cleanly. The average woman in tennis doesn’t do those straining weight lifting activities. she just doesn’t and when she does she’s considered less attractive, mocked, and told “there’s no way You AS A WOMAN could accomplish that.

    • “….Florence Griffith Joyner….were or are on roids too?”

      Um, yes actually. Flo Jo admitted roid use. Virtually all pro athletes in all sports are on performance enhancing steroidal drugs (either they ‘mimick’ hormones or are identical in the case of HGH, which is undetectable). Please educate yourself with a simple google search. Steroid use is all over pro sports. BALCO was an illegal institution that distributed PEDs to athletes across virtually EVERY sport from track to baseball to the NFL, to cyclists, you name it. Muscle mass develops from hormones, specifically growth hormone and testosterone. Men have 6-times the testosterone that women do. Serena is more muscular looking than she was at 19 years old (women are fully developed physically at 19 years old). The fact that Serena is looking 50-60 pounds more muscular than she did at 19 years old, not to mention more muscular than the men on the circuit is a pretty big clue.

      And you say that you looked like Serena? One of Serena’s arms looks like it’s 16-inches around. I seriously doubt that any woman has an arm of lean mass that is 16-inches. I lifted weights for years when I was younger and I NEVER got 16-inch arms. Very few men achieve that kind of size in arms naturally unless they’re juicing or unless they have a massive bone structure and stand 6’5″+. So, for you to say you got a body like Serena’s, I’d say you’re exaggerating and it’s likely people who trained with you would disagree. I’m a MAN and trained exclusively on weight lifting and ate massive amounts of calories and protein and I NEVER got arms like Serena is sporting.

      Another question for you. How does a woman who passed full development of 19 years old continue to go on an put over 40 extra pounds of mass? Did she have a 2nd, 3rd and 4th puberty???

      • I am a man , and in my 40’s can out lift almost every guy in the gym in their 20’s because i have been lifting weights intensively for 20 years.

        I Bench 300 lbs and squat 500 lbs….I weight 220 lbs…My arms are only 16 inches….

        Serena has a case of HGH, Testosterone,, Nadrololen etc combined

  39. Why did this cheat need a toilet break before each match begun after the olympics .Short term drug fix .How the hell did she destroy even Sharopova!Get rid of her .

  40. Serena Willianms IsNot on The Juice…She gave Maria Shoulderpova a Great Beatdown, and she was not playing her A Game….Maria shoulderpova is Not as good of a player as U think…Shoulderpova ia Medium at best. You are Haters because you cannot believe a player like serena would kick every woman buttocks in the WTA. Do U not know that they test for it. The question you need to ask is why Jennfier Drugpiati was admitted tothe Tennis Hall of Fame… when she did Drugs on and off the Court. Truth Be Told

  41. No doubt in my mind that she does them. Just like Barry Bonds. And just like Bonds, any attempts to investigate her, and Baby Daddy Richard will scream “racism”, play The Race Card, and that will stop any investigation ,immediately. Pure Political Correctness.

    When the East German swin teams dominated Olympic swimming in the ’70s, US star Shirley Babashoff loudly complained,and how did the press respond? Tarred and Feathered her,slandered her as “Surly Shirley”.And when she – and others who lost to Communists that were similarly steroided up then – was proven right, did the Leftist press apologize,in any way? Hell,no!

    You take Whale-iams’ linebacker body,mix with it hairdos as big as her body,and you have a player that does not appear even remotely human.

    Just call her Steroid-a Whale-iams.

  42. Oh yes she is on roids

  43. It is CLEAR that Serena is on the juice. One look at her and any normal, fit woman can tell you there’s something wrong there. It’s not a race issue, it’s a cheating issue. I can’t believe that she is allowed to refuse drug testing and still play. As long as this is permitted to continue Tennis is not a sport but a doping playground.

  44. I have lifted weights for 20 years….I bench press 300 lbs and squat over 500 lbs… I also weight 220 lbs…Serena;s arms as large as mine, It is IMPOSsIBLE to lift weights all the time and play tennis all the time…If this isnt a person on steroids then I am the king of enhland

  45. Makes me sick they don’t ban those steroid sisters from tennis.

  46. Question to anyone here who might know about this because I don’t. I’ve heard it said several times before that when a woman takes roids that it’s likely to result in her having tiny tits. If that is true Serena is not on steroids because those boobs of her are (just like anything else about her) huge. Deep down inside anyone with half a brain knows, or at least has strong suspicions that she’s on some sort of PED. But it can just as easily be something other than roids, like growth hormone for example, or even something completely different.

    But it’s not just Serena, although she is obviously the most blatant example. But think back about the physical transformation of Martina Navratilova in the early 1980’s when she all of a sudden started dominating Chris Evert and everyone else after having been second best (or third or fourth) for most of the time up until that point in her career. Or the case of Jennifer Capriati. After years of disappearing in almost complete anonymity she all of a sudden reappears and looks so butch that you don’t recognize her anymore from the rather pretty girl she had been before. And she of course gets to number one and starts winning majors after her physical transformation. Also, it’s remarkable in my opinion that there are so many women players with acne. This can also be a sign that something is not kosher. We’re after all not talking about 14-15 year old girls here but about young women who normally should have left behind their acne days years ago.

    Having said all that, I don’t think it’s entirely fair to single out the WTA. In my opinion things aren’t exactly hunky dory on the ATP side either. Men who play five hour plus semis at the AO only to return two days later to play an even longer match two days later? Please. A guy with knee problems who has been out for seven months and than comes back to wipe the floor with everyone else. (???) I am in principle always willing to give anyone the benefit of the doubt. And as such I don’t even feel comfortable writing any of this. But I’m not naive enough not to see that there isn’t something fishy going on at both the mens and the womens side of the game.

  47. As a Serena fan I can accept she may be juiced up, certainly her performances and physical fitness is almost unbelievable for her age. Having said that my guess is a lot of the other women certainly are, Sam Stosur being a perfect example.

    In mens tennis I find it incredibly hard to believe that nearly all of the top 10 to 20 are NOT on some kind of PED. Playing like the energizer bunny for 5hrs and then coming back 24hrs later to do the same is just not credible. The way Djokovic when from being unfit with breathing problems to super human robot, the way Murray suddenly packed muscle onto his naturally skinny frame, Ferrer never tires, Nadal taking months out then coming back looking in the best shape of his life.

    None of it is credible without the use of PED.

    Having said that I don’t necessarily object to the use of these substances, but it would be nice if it was a level playing field.

  48. TatianaM says

    Serena is on steroids, I’ve been a National Powerlifter and Bodybulder for 20 years, I’ve been in enough gyms and have first hand knowledge of how steroids work and what the results are. While most fitness models, and some female athletes, who prefer just to cut up their physique and sharpen the definition will opt for Clenbuterol or Anavar, sometimes HGH; Serena appears to be taking Winstrol V and maybe Decadurabolin. She has the thick hard muscle, deep voice, acne, and manly jaw associated with Winstrol, which adds bulk, strength, and power. For women, the biggest side effect is the voice deepening due to the vocal chord damage caused by the huge amounts of testosterone. For men and women, acne is very common (hormones produce more oil) hair tends to get brittle, some people develop male-pattern baldness. It is interesting to note that i have over 20 years of lifting very heavy weights, (275 lbs squat, 400 lbs leg press, and a 300 lbs deadlift at a BW of 118 lbs) and I’ve never developed as much muscle mass as Williams, yet she is a tennis player, who would not be lifting the heavy poundages that I routinely go through on a regular basis, she would be doing more cardio, and more plyometrics with some resistance training, so it’s strange that she has developed into such a behemoth, especially since every pro tennis player, including most of the men, have not developed such musculature. Also, listen to her talk, she has the deep nasally voice that the women pro bodybuilders also demonstrate. It’s called a “roid-voice” on the circuit. Another interesting fact is that everytime she has been given notice that she will be Tested she has somehow managed to evade the tests citing panic attacks or feeling unwell. I think she should be court-ordered to take a test, and not just the standard urine test, but also a polygraph test, they used to use them on the powerlifting circuit. I will say one thing though in Serena’s defense, she is still a talented athlete, and yes steroids makes you more powerful, but you still have to have the talent and athleticism to play at the pro level she plays at.

  49. Do you realize that Lance never failed a test….Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Roger Clemens never failed a single steroid test…..Do you really think that Serena Williams, Dwight Howard, LeBron James and many more of your childhood heroes aren’t/weren’t on Steroids; your out of your mind.

    Biogenesis an “Anti-Aging Clink” in Miami has been linked to athletes from the NBA, NCAA, professional boxing, tennis and MMA, in addition to other professional baseball players who have not yet been identified.

    Tiger Wood’s personal trainer was arrested crossing the Canadian Border into NY smuggling HGH and PED’s.

    There are drugs that mask HGH and other PED’s. You all say “Serena never failed a TEST” Great fucking work….neither did Lance you fucking tools.

    She is clearly, undoubtedly, unquestionably and obviously on HGH and other steroids and if you think otherwise either your just a fucking moron or clearly don’t care she does steroids. Steroids have been in all major sports for decades. If you think otherwise you clearly misinformed.

    I want the full list of ALL the athletes from the Biogenesis Clinic in Miami.

    Do your research….More than half of all the professional athletes you see on TV today are on the PED’s throughout all the major sports across the globe.

    PED’s Transform Mediocre Athletes into Pros!
    PED’s Transform Pro Athletes into Hall-of-Famers!

  50. I have honestly never seen another female physique that even remotely resembled that of Serena Williams. I’d have to go with Dwight Howard or Ray lewis for a comparison. It was pretty funny watching Chris Evrett swallow that bitter pill of SW winning her 18th title and having to stifle what was written plainly across her face – “HGH”. Maybe chrissy popped a few sudafed before a match, it’s not the same as adding 40lbs of solid muscle. The whole thing is joke. Then you look at Federer’s “pipes” and wonder if he gets help pulling his socks on. eventually, like Lance, it’ll come out but it won’t matter, she’ll have had her moments collecting 60 singles and doubles trophies and they can’t take that away from her or right the wrong she did to other competitors. It’s foolproof. It’s awesome. Everybody – sponsors, WTA, etc get rich and she’s living the dream. It’s exactly as it was in MLB when the league was dying and they decided juiced monsters would revive interest the sport and it did. Later on of course it was all “Oh! Shame on you, players,” form the commish but the commish was in on it too all along he benefitted greatly by it. What’s a little tarnish on the game if you’re rich? Virtue may be it’s own reward but it’s not redeemable for mansions and maybachs.