November 28, 2021’s Dumb A$$ of the Week Award's Dumb A$$ of the Week Award

This week the award won’t be given to an individual because we have two teams in college football who decided they want the award way more than any individual. Saturday night the Miami Hurricanes and Florida International University broke into a melee for the record books. Thirteen players were ejected in total from the game and now at least 31 will be suspended for their next games after school officials were able to review the footage (link to video footage below). The penalties are not nearly strong enough for the actions these players took on the field. It was by far the worst display of behavior I have ever witnessed in a college football game. (Yes I am counting the South Carolina/Clemson brawl from a few years back)

On a side note Miami school officials are meeting today on the next steps for their football program. Could Larry Coker get fired even before the end of the season?

Story: Miami_FIU Brawl

Video Clip: Miami_FIU Video Footage


  1. It was an amazing spectacle… amazing in a bad way. -ROB

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