September 19, 2021

Mavs vs Heat

The NBA FinalsTerry vs White Chocolate, Shaq vs Diop, Nowitzki vs Haslem, Wade vs Howard, Avery vs Riley and Cuban vs Miami (I could go for hours)…this series should be a GREAT ONE. StonecoldJZ is happy to say his prediction and desire have both come together to create one HELL of a NBA finals. There is a lot involved with this matchup so all the components set this up for a seven game series. In the last few years the Finals have been weak overall. Let’s clean the slate of bad memories and schedule time to watch each and every battle forthcoming.


  1. […] Dwyane Wade is averaging 40.3 points in the last three games of the NBA finals and each of these games the Heat have won. After being down 2-0 and looking quite helpless things have changed in a hurry for the Miami Heat due to Wade. Last night Wade scored 43 points the final one was a crucuial free throw with 1.9 seconds left in overtime after Josh Howard asked for a timeout the Mavs didn’t have to use. The Heat won 101-100 over the Mavericks and now have a lot of mojo heading back to Dallas. Dallas is quickly falling into a downward spiral with aggression towards NBA superiors for the suspension last game to Stackhouse and for what they feel are bogus calls by the refs. As I mentioned roughly two weeks ago, Mavs vs Heat, this series was going to be a special one. Dallas Mavericks, Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat, NBA, The Finals […]

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