October 19, 2021

Jackpot Clemens

Roger Clemens

Roger Clemens just hit black gold aka Texas tea yesterday with the Houston Astros. The two came to an agreement for Clemens to pitch the rest of the year for $22 million. I was shocked initially because he didn’t sign with the Red Sox or Yankees, but more shocked at the price tag. The Astros do NOT have a chance at the World Series and in my opinion will be lucky to make the playoffs. Their offense is down right atrocious and they have marginal picthing at best. I know Roger is the biggest thing going and he will help the Astros, but the cost to get him and supporting cast around him do not add up. Clemens will be very happy with his bank account after the season and that will be about it! The Astros on the other hand will regret making this deal in the long run.


  1. Well, well, well. I guess you do not like the Astros. Now tell us how you REALLY feel. You have a right to your opinion. Yes the team has has some problems. I agree that the pitching has been suspect, especially the pen,but… Last year the Houston Chronicle ran a story complete with a tombstone RIP to the Astros on June 1st. Dead in the water, no hope, give up on them. So where did they go? They came back from a 15 and 30 start to end up in the World Series. Any Astros fan will tell you that historically, they are a second half team. We do have a good group of young pitchers, and some young players who are getting some good playing time. Take yesterday’s game. Chris Sampson made his first start and through 7 innings very few balls made it out of the infield. With Bagwell gone, the other players are trying to take up the slack. Craig Biggio is not playing like a nearly 40 year old. There is always hope.

    Clemens is a hometown guy and obviously popular here. He does a lot for the community. He had a ten year personal services contract with the organization. The Rangers told him they would make it easy for him (plane, etc) but here he lives 20 minutes from the park. He gets to see his son play. Maybe, at the Sept. callup they will get to play together. He still has good feelings about Boston and New York but Houston is HOME. Don’t write the Astros off yet! We could surprise you. Go Stros!

  2. Jill, I do not dislike the Astros at all and I’m well aware they are a second half team. I am simply stating this year is not one of those years and Houston will not make the playoffs. Sorry!

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