October 15, 2021

Who Would You Build Your NBA Franchise Around?

With the NBA Playoffs going on right now, I’ve been camped out in front of the tube for weeks, and intend to continue for the next few weeks. But while watching the Heat and Nets today, I began to ask myself the question of “If I were an NBA GM, and had a new team, what one player would I take over all others to build my team around?” Would I go for age and experience, or youth and potential? A guard or a center? A scoring machine or a defensive specialist? I’m gonna list the few that I considered below, but YOU tell me who YOU would take and why.

  1. Kevin Garnett: A true warrior. Has never had the opportunity to play with a great supporting cast, and probably deserves to do so. Never finds himself in trouble off the court and, at least in public, never knocks someone else to make himself look better. Plays as hard as he can EVERY night, and produces. You need points, he brings them. You need rebounds, he cleans the glass. Solid in every aspect of the game. He has been in the league for a long time, but he came in as a high schooler, so age shouldn’t be a problem yet.
  2. Kobe Bryant: I hate to say it, because I don’t really care for him, but the guy can carry a team. This is where, as a GM, I’d have to try and separate business objectives from personal feelings. Can score, and as we saw in the playoffs, can takeover a game and win it all by himself more often than not. With all those things, he has had problems being a teammate. Well, when you can control a game by yourself at will, do you really need to be a good teammate? Yep, just as Shaq. Those guys would still be winning championships in LA if Kobe could have been easier to get along with. And if you’re willing to get rid of several championships so you can get all the credit, you ain’t playing on my team.
  3. Steve Nash: Nash controls the tempo of the game better than any other point guard in the game right now. He can score if he needs to, but prefers to get the rest of his team involved. He is a master at getting them the ball in the best spot to get a score. And best of all he is durable, having only missed 14 games in the last 3 years. Finally, unlike Kobe, he is a super teammate and oozes team chemistry.
  4. Dwayne Wade: Young, hungry, and talented, the deadly combination. Speaking from the standpoint as a GM/Owner, the marketability of a Wade is off the charts. His public image is impeccable and clean cut. But his game is even better. Can generate excitement on the court with his acrobatic displays and scoring. Plays hard on both ends of the floor and from all appearances is a key ingredient in the Heat’s team chemistry.
  5. LeBron James: It would be hard to find many arguments against starting a team with James. He scores, gives it up, rebounds, and energizes the fanbase. He demonstrated his worth yet again yesterday with his 2nd triple double in the 2006 playoffs. Only Magic Johnson had more triple doubles his first time through the playoffs. The only thing you could question is James’ age, but that isn’t that big a deal with him.

Ok, as if you couldn’t tell from my quick blurbs on each player, Dwayne Wade or LeBron James would be my choice. If you were twisting my arm, and I had to pick right now, I’d go with Wade. He hasn’t had the NBA handed to him on a silver platter (and I’m not saying James didn’t deserve it), but he may have a little more to prove. Now, tell me why I’m wrong, and who it should be.


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