September 26, 2021

StonecoldJZ Back from Vegas

Monte Carlo Poker Tournament
I have been in Sin City for the last five days so I apologize for the lack of posts on my part.  I would like to say thanks to Wolfman for keeping the great sports info rollin on the Underground.  I personally realized during my trip to Vegas Vegas Vegas that I’m not ready to be a professional player yet, but that I’m light years better than I was the last time I went.  I finished 2nd in a tourney at the Monte Carlo (pictured above) and did rather well in a few limit cash games.  I will make the WPT or WSOP within the next three years and I hope to be professional by 2015 tops.  Anyway, I’m back!


  1. Welcome back Stonecold, and I can vouch for everyone else, he IS that good at the tables. Taken quite a few coins from me over the years!

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