November 28, 2021

Quick Hits: May 16th, 2006

  • The World’s Largest Cocktail Party has become just another, average, everyday get together. Or so the NCAA would like it to be viewed. The annual meeting between Florida and Georgia has been known as the World’s Largest Cocktail Party since the 50’s, but two recent deaths at the event has prompted officials and the NCAA to try and remove the title from the game. Removing the fun and atmosphere from college football is happening more and more. Pretty soon, they are going to disallow celebrations in the endzone too…..HEY! wait a second….
  • After changing the rules stating you couldn’t be an active coach to be inducted into the college football Hall of Fame, two legendary coaches are about to be added. Joe Paterno and Bobby Bowden, arguably the biggest names in all of college football will soon have a special place in The Hall. Congrats to those guys, they deserve it.
  • Who would have thought of golf as a dangerous sport? Well, certainly not me, but playing on the perimeter of an active volcano sure does take you in that direction, doesn’t it?
  • 713. 713. 713. I’m so tired of talking about this number, I don’t know what to do. If Barry Bonds doesn’t soon hit that next homer, I’m going to cram celery sticks in my ears so I don’t have to hear every pundit talking about it on the radio, the newspaper, the corner barbershop…..He IS going to hit it and he ISN’T being given a hard time because of race, but because he is a JERK.
  • Yankees match their own record tonight for the largest comeback win in NY Yankee history. They started off the game down 9 runs after two innings, but prevailed on a 2-run HR in the ninth inning by Jorge Posada.
  • The Cleveland Cavaliers team attended the funeral of Justin Hughes, the brother of their teammate Larry Hughes. In hard times, having those close to you to lean on helps you get through. This shows what kind of “atmosphere” exists with this young team, that they are more a family than team. Once again, our prayers go out to the Hughes family.

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