October 16, 2021

Pistons Stunned

cavsWhat seemed to be a series that the Pistons had in easily in control, has turned into an uphill battle for them. After winning the first two in the series, the Pistons have now dropped 3 straight, with the latest tonight IN Detroit. Cleveland led the majority of the game, and while the Pistons gave them a good run down the stretch, the Cavs were able to hold them off. LeBron had a big game,Pistons but pushed the action a little too much going down to the wire. That is, until he decided to draw the defense and then drop the ball off to Gooden, who made the easy layup and put Cleveland up for good. Rasheed Wallace, for the second game, had an off game. Maybe he is still hungover from his Game 4 guarantee. Either way, the Cavs are headed back to Cleveland with a one game lead, and the possibility of advancing to the Eastern Conference Finals with a win. Detroit was expected to teach the young Cavs a lesson, and everyone thought they would walk right over them, but that’s why they play the game.

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