September 19, 2021

Jake Plummer Involved In Road Rage Incident

yetiJake the Snake had a little run-in with another driver the other element Apparently, Jake was talking on his phone and cut the guy off. He didn’t mean to, but that’s what you get talking on the phone and not paying attention. Plummer said he waved and said he was sorry, but the other driver was sufficiently ticked off and at the red light, he tapped him on the bumper. At least that’s what Plummer said. The other driver claimed Plummer backed into his car. Anyway, Jake got out, checked the damage, and drove off, while making another call, this time to the authorities. Now, while all this is very interesting, the most interesting aspect of the story came in this little excerpt:

He said he got out of his 2005 Honda Element to check for damage

Are you kidding me? A Honda Element? Now, there isn’t anything wrong with these vehicles, but seriously, a MAJOR pro quarterback has no business driving one of these things. Geez Jake!

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