October 15, 2021

Harrington Gets Fresh Start With Dolphins

joey harringtonWell, Joey Harrington finally gets to get out of Detroit. That’s great for him. Unfortunately for him, and for Steve Mariucci, it was a year or two too late. Harrington is headed to Miami, where he probably will start the season should Duante Culpepper not be fully rehabbed from his knee mutilation from last year.

The thing is, I have a funny feeling that he is going to start off really well in a Dolphins uniform, and if it weren’t for Culpepper, I would fully expect Harrington to show us what made him a top draft pick several years ago. And who knows, Saban is not your typical coach, and may not let financial costs be the sole reason a QB gets the starting position.

Harrington has the tools, but he put himself in a situation from which there was no recovery in Detroit. Kinda like the movie “The Replacements” and the discussion on quick sand. You start off and you’re ok, but you make a mistake, and you try a little harder to do better, but that goes wrong, and the harder you try, the further you’re sinking in the quick sand. Joey Harrington was about as deep in the quick sand as you can get and still be surviving. This is a good day for Harrington, and for the Lions, and I’ll bet, ultimately, the Dolphins. But what do you think?

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